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Thomlinson Academic Uniform


Thomlinson Junior School has an officially recognised school uniform that we ask parents and carers to uphold. A uniform helps build discipline and a sense of school cohesion, as well as helping to prevent instances of clothing-based jealousy and bullying.


Everyday Uniform


  • Royal Blue Sweatshirt, Sweater or Cardigan
    • Available embroidered with the Thomlinson crest from the School Shop at a very reasonable cost.
  • White or Navy-Blue T-Shirt, Shirt, Blouse or Polo Shirt
    • Available embroidered with the Thomlinson crest from the School Shop at a very reasonable cost.
  • Navy Blue, Black or Grey School-type Trousers/shorts or Skirt:
    • Similarly-coloured tracksuit bottoms are permissible, but must be of plain design with no stripes, patterns or logos. Girls may wear trousers if preferred.
    • X Jeans, denim trousers, leggings and other ‘fashion’ garments are not acceptable.
  • Summer Dresses:
    • Lightweight, blue and white checked dresses may also be worn in Summer.
  • Shoes:
    • Plain black trainers / school shoes, these must be sensible shoes that are safe and smart.
    • X No coloured trainers, bands, stripes, laces or jewels etc.  Open toes and backless shoes are not permitted.


PE Uniform


  • Top:
    • Purple T-Shirt and Purple Hoodie.
  • Bottom:
    • Navy Blue Joggers (slim-fit or baggy) / Navy-Blue Shorts.
    • X Leggings, tight sports leggings, ‘branded’ sportswear and tight fit shorts are not permitted
  • Footwear:
    • Trainers are ideal for indoor games and outdoor games.
    • Some students also wear studded boots for hockey and football, when playing in team events
    • Trainers can be black or multi-coloured.
    • Trainers should be laced -up correctly or Velcro can be worn


Clothing from the School Shop

Officially approved Thomlinson Junior School Uniform and Games Uniform is available embroidered with the smart Thomlinson crest from the School Shop at a very reasonable cost. 


To avoid confusion and potential loss, please ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked or labelled with your child’s name. The school cannot be held responsible for the loss of clothing.


Jewellery / Personal equipment

Safety and security considerations dictate that no jewellery may be worn by students in school.

The only exception is the wearing of single plain studs in pierced ears. However, these must be removed or taped over during PE and Drama, and must be removed outright during swimming. The only exception to the removal rule is for freshly pierced ears that have not yet healed. In this case taping is acceptable during the first six weeks or so. No other form of earring, no matter how plain, is allowed. Secure storage is provided for studs that have been removed. School staff are not permitted to remove or replace ear studs, so if the child is unable to remove them they must either be taped or removed by the parent/carer before the school day commences.


Following advice from the Cumbria Health and Safety Unit, no other face, tongue, nose or body piercings may be worn in school.


Children can wear a wrist watch, ‘fit bit’ or electronic type of watch but it must have no links to the internet or mobile networks.  All notifications must be switched off. Photographs / voice recording  also forbidden. We understand that these watches can be expensive and we would prefer they are not worn in school.

 X Children must not wear nail polish, any kind of false nails, make-up or false tan in school.


Other Valuables and Money

To avoid issues of jealousy, bullying and dishonesty, Children should not bring money or other valuables into school unless they are for a specific school-related purpose.  Valuable items and cash should be handed in for safe keeping. Children may not bring Pen Knives, Toy Guns, Electric and/or Radio Controlled Toys or any other unsuitable items into school.  Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, MP3 Players and other Digital devices may not be brought onto school premises unless by specific arrangement. Whilst every effort is made to keep items held for safe keeping secure, the school can accept no liability for their damage or loss.


If you are struggling financially with purchasing uniform we ask that you contact the School Office, who can support you with guidance on extra financial support or we have a vast amount of second -hand clothing which we could help you with.