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Policies and Procedures

RE is taught in accordance with the Cumbrian syllabus. Assemblies feature a spiritual element. They form an important part of the school day and are usually led by the Headteacher, the Deputy Head, or another senior staff member, with other gatherings occasionally conducted by visiting guests. Children also take part in and produce their own Assemblies to which parents are often invited.

It should be stressed that the our approach is, whilst nondenominational, mainly Christian in content, though the school does aim to engender a respect and understanding of the moral values and ideas of other faiths.


If you are unhappy with Religious Assemblies forming part of your child’s day you may request their withdrawal. The school is happy to make special arrangements for your child, but cannot offer alternative religious studies.

RE is key to helping young people grow up in today’s multi-faith, diverse and connected world. RE aims to give pupils opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of religion and beliefs and to contribute to the development of their own beliefs and values. Children and young people have an entitlement to receive RE at all Key Stages. Everyone has their unique view of the world and RE is about exploring these views. RE can be taught using exciting and rigorous methodologies by teachers with a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints in a way that is relevant to all pupils.

Cumbria Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, 2017