School Council


Thomlinson Junior has a School Council – they are a group of children who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and improve their school.

Within each class there is also a Class Council, where the children in each class discuss and share ideas together that they would like to see happen in school, with suggestions on how to improve their school.  Ideas here are then taken to the main School Council, where they are discussed further.

School Council Activities have included:

  • Working with Wigton Baths and the surrounding local schools to design and make a ‘Bag for Life’.  They will then help to sell these for £2.50 each.  All the profits will go towards Wigton Baths.  For more information about Wigton Baths, go to
  • Working alongside the PTA to help with Coffee Mornings and Table Top Sales.  The members have designed and made various games and stalls to raise money for our school.
  • Discussing improvements to the school with classes and feeding back responses to the School Council in meetings.

Thomlinson News

Thomlinson News