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Class Dojo – Keeping in touch and building a community at TJS


Although things are different in schools at the moment, the way in which we review and develop school practices is still ongoing. We are currently reviewing our behaviour policy and within that, our systems for rewards and how we celebrate success. As many of you will know, we have been using a ‘Smilies’ system for several years and although it has worked well in the past, we now feel we would like to improve how we reward success and share it with parents. The usual ‘Celebration assemblies’ cannot take place at the moment, but we obviously still want to share important moments with our classes and our parents.



As part of our development, we have set up ‘Class Dojo‘ here at TJS.   Class Dojo is an online tool which gives us the opportunity to share your child’s achievements, events and work and create individual portfolios for each child where they can complete online tasks, share photos and videos. In the rewards system, the children can be awarded points for a wide range of things such as ‘Reading at home’, ‘Great effort in class’, ‘Being helpful’ or ‘Showing resilience’.  Parents will receive an instant notification to let you know your child has been given points and what they were for.



We will also have the ability to notify you of any areas that the children may need to ‘work on’, such as incomplete class work or homework, no indoor shoes or PE kit or any disruptions in lesson time.  Hopefully, this will give you an opportunity to discuss the successes the children have had at school, as well as any areas that may need some additional attention.  Any issues that are more serious will be discussed with you in person.


This is all very secure, with only parents of our school seeing the ‘School Noticeboard’ and only parents of your child’s class seeing the ‘Class Noticeboard’. Your child’s individual achievements and portfolios will only be shared with you. You can access Class Dojo through the app or on the website



The points we award children will no longer be with the aim to reach 100 per term as it was with the smilies. Each child will aim to get as many points as they can and each week we will celebrate the child(ren) who have achieved the most that particular week.  As we roll this across the school, we aim to have every member of staff to have access to Class Dojo to award points, meaning children will be able to receive award points not only in the class room, but also out on breaks, at lunch times etc.



Within Class Dojo, there is also a messaging tool which allows class teachers to send home messages to all the parents of their class or a private message to individual parents and vice versa. This may prove very useful in the coming months with the possibility of bubbles having to be at home or local lockdowns and children having to access work at home. This messaging facility will allow parents to message the teacher with questions or queries regarding work, homework, reading etc. Please message your child’s teacher on Class Dojo if your child has any minor worries, for example:


  • Jack didn’t quite understand fractions today; could you speak to him about it please?
  • Sarah thinks she has lost her reading diary in school, could she have a look to try to find it please?



We must request that this service is not be used for issues or concerns that must be followed up in the usual way of a telephone conversation, or where necessary, a face to face meeting. Teachers will always endeavour to reply as quickly as possible however, please bear in mind that school life can be incredibly busy and whilst every effort will be made to reply or acknowledge messages, there may be a slight delay on occasion. As with the school messenger service, out of hours and weekend days will register any messages received but will not be responded to until the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday term time.


We would like parents to:

  • To use images and house points to discuss with pupils about their learning.
  • Not to share images on their own social media unless a photo of your child only.
  • To use the whole school communication system; telephone, email and personal messages to inform the school of important information about pupils– please do not notify school of a child’s absence through Class Dojo. The office must be notified of this so that the correct procedures with registers can be followed.


As the children become more familiar with the platform, we hope to use the online learning tasks and sharing of work regularly.



Video Tutorials for parents

Class Dojo: Using Student/Parent invites

Class Dojo: Using Student:Parent invites

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