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Additional Medical Information

Health Checks

Should any medical professional need to see a child at the school, parents/carers will be informed in advance. The School Nurse makes periodic visits to Thomlinson Junior School to carry out routine health checks. Parents or carers will be notified if Child Health Services would like them to be present at this time. You will of course be notified if any health related problems crop up.



For reasons of safety, in line with modern national policy, schools are cautioned against administering any drugs or medicines to students in the care.  Where possible, parents are asked to consult with their Doctor on adjustment of administration timings to avoid the school day.

  • If school time administration is unavoidable, prescription medicines can be given in school.  However please be aware that this is a voluntary agreement and the school and its teachers are not obligated to carry this out.
  • Medicines must be kept in their original pharmaceutical container and should be clearly marked with the recipient’s name, date of prescription, contents and dosage.
  • Prior to administration commencing, parents/carers must sign a consent form to enable a member of staff to supervise administration. This form is available upon request from the School Reception.
  • Teachers should be clearly informed of any health factors, such as allergies, asthma or diabetes that affect a student.



  • Sufferers often have individual needs which parents should discuss with the school.
  • Inhalers should be clearly identified with a child’s name.
  • The child should be able to use the inhaler him, or herself.
  • Working in cooperation with our supportive teachers, the child should normally be able to manage their asthma themselves.
  • The school holds an emergency asthma kit. Parents of children known to suffer from asthma will be required to sign a usage consent form.


Illness and Injuries in School

Should a child fall ill or get injured whilst in school beyond Thomlinson’s limited ability to provide treatment, the parent/carer will be contacted. In those rare cases of more serious injury or illness, or when parents or carers are unavailable, the seeking of relevant medical assistance will be the first priority.


We do request that parents provide at least two addresses and/or telephone numbers where they may be contacted during the school day. Please also ensure that the school is informed forthwith should this contact information change.


Absence from School

Please ensure that the school is informed by 9.30am using a note or telephone call if your child is going to be late or absent from school. If this is not possible, then a note should accompany your child on their return.  Unexplained absences have to be notified to the Local Education Authority. Under new regulations these are recorded as ‘Unauthorised Absence’ and can often result in further action.


Parents who wish to take their child out of school at any time must inform the school as far in advance as possible. Headteachers cannot authorise absence during term time, unless they deem it to be ‘an exceptional circumstance’.


If you wish to remove your child from school during the day, for instance for a Doctor’s, Hospital or Dental appointment, confirmation is required in writing or by phone from the recognised guardian.