Bad Weather Arrangements


The decision to close will generally be up to the headteacher.  This may be due to lack of heating, water or electricity, adverse weather conditions or other such emergencies.  In coming to the decision to close, the health and safety of the children and staff is paramount.

Once the decision has been made to close the school, the Local Authority will be notified first.  This will trigger RSS and Twitter feeds which Local Media, governors and parents can subscribe to free of charge.

The school will attempt to contact as many parents as possible via our Parent Mail system – this will be primarily by text message.  We will also endeavor to place a message on our school website and Facebook page, conditions allowing.  It is also recommended that parents tune into local radio for updates on school closures.

If you have not already signed up to Parent Mail and would like to, please call in to the office for more information.

Thomlinson News

Thomlinson News